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We are a content marketing agency that helps businesses have meaningful conversations with employees, stakeholders and customers.
A clear, well-planned design strategy is crucial for making content memorable. Working within our clients’ brand guidelines, we consider messaging, editorial tone, pace and photography to create absorbing reports, brochures and publications that stand out, are easy to read and reflect your organisation.
Your brand is the first thing people notice about you. It’s the reason they buy your product or choose to work for you. More than just a logo, it’s how you present yourself: your values, your tone of voice and how you communicate. We can create a visual and editorial identity that reflects everything your business or campaign stands for.
Your staff magazine should be as engaging as any consumer title. And your brochure and website copy should inform, intrigue and encourage readers to find out more. We back up messages with inspiring and useful information, insights and case studies that highlight why your organisation is truly world class.
Your audience is increasingly looking for immediate and engaging ways to receive content. Digital channels enable you to report up-to-date information and have conversations in real time. We write and design websites, online reports, interactive staff magazines and infographics that help you reach customers and staff wherever they are.
We apply corporate and consumer journalism and design techniques to produce print and digital publications that deliver news and messages in a memorable way. We will help you measure and strategically evolve your title in line with your audience’s needs and to ensure you get a return on your investment.
Your customers want to make quick decisions and understand your unique selling points. Why choose you? We believe in getting to the point. Combining clear and concise sales content with memorable designs, our collateral will hook your audience instantly and highlight why you’re the best at what you do.
We put the audience at the heart of everything we do, with creative products and tactical solutions that meet our clients' expectations and unique aims.
About us
Artful Dog was founded by award-winning creative experts who cut their teeth in internal communications and consumer publishing and now support clients with a range of communications challenges. We offer the expertise and experience of big agencies, combined with the personal, you-know-who-you’re-getting service of a small team.
Our news and thoughts on the world of corporate editorial, design and communications.
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