Lloyd’s Register – Step Up change programme

When Lloyd’s Register embarked upon a major change programme to standardise tools and project management processes, Artful Dog was asked to support the change communications team with the design of internal marketing and guidance materials.

Lloyd’s Register is a global audit, classification and consultancy business with around 7,000 employees. Its ongoing Step Up programme aims to standardise technical competencies around the business – outlining the process that everyone from sales teams to surveyors needs to take in registering assets.

Our challenge was two-fold:

  • to clearly and visually explain the complex Step Up journey – why it was critical, how different roles were affected at each stage of the process, and how it would potentially change the way employees work
  • to develop this look and feel into an easy-to-use training guide on the new tools and processes.

The end result needed to inform employees of the bigger picture so they felt part of one company working more efficiently together.


Visualising the big picture

The name of the programme, Step Up, inspired the visual solution for a “big picture” poster. Different coloured ribbons and colour-coded characters represent each role moving through the process – the poster navigates employees left to right and top to bottom, before “stepping up” and intertwining at the go-live date.

As part of the Step Up programme, a new software system was introduced to streamline, join up and standardise financial processes. There had been no universal system in place; each part of the business had its own local tool or system, which created inefficiencies and meant opportunities to better serve clients were being missed.

We produced a second poster illustrating this new system and outlining employees’ roles and functions. Using the now familiar figures for each role, we created an easy-to-follow path that took the viewer from the initial customer request right through to the end process, where the profit goes into the Lloyd’s Register foundation. Icons and annotations clearly mark the process and make it easier to follow for people for whom English is not their first language.


Training guides

We also created an interactive PDF that explores in more detail each role, what employees need to know, what they should do and tips for success for each stage of the Step Up journey.

The same colour-coded characters help users navigate through the relevant section of the PDF, while hyperlinks take employees to essential training modules hosted on Lloyd’s Register’s intranet.


Postitive feedback

The client was delighted with the suite of materials, which were used for the July 2018 roll-out in the Americas, and will be used in Europe and Asia in 2019.

Upon receiving the interactive PDF, the programme manager for Step Up commented: “I was impressed with the static journey diagram but this is fantastic. This is the best bit of comms material that I have seen in years of working with comms people – really simple to navigate, really modern and clean looking, fab little people and easy to read and understand, Great job.”