Imerys – internal news channel

Imerys, a mining and minerals company, completed a key stage of its digital transformation when it launched a social intranet that brought everything employees need into one place – including news about the company.

Success stories and change communication had previously been shared through a bimonthly PDF magazine, which Artful Dog wrote and designed. Headlines was a well-received publication that reported news and updates around key topics, such as safety, innovation, sustainability, CSR and business developments.

Now, the OneImerys intranet delivers more timely and relevant news to employees. The name Headlines was retained for the intranet’s news feed, for which Artful Dog writes – and uploads to the CMS – articles, case studies, features, product profiles and Q&As; between 12 and 30 articles are published every month. Artful Dog creates infographics and animations to accompany stories.

Content is tagged by business area, function and geography, so that employees see articles based on their searches and preferences.

As Imerys continues its evolution to a more market-led, customer-focused organisation, Headlines has been instrumental in keeping employees up to speed with changes and milestones.

A Headlines e-newsletter collating the key 10 or so articles from the previous month is distributed to all employees with email addresses.

Pictured: Imerys’ UK operation in Cornwall turned redundant mining land into a solar park that generates energy for the company and the National Grid